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Wife to Sean, police officer and carpenter. Mom to Maeve, 5 year old fashionista who happens to have an extra chromosome. And 1 year old Michael, future Steeler and ladies man. This is my attempt to share the behind the scenes of a real housewife who idolizes Martha Stewart, follows in the family footsteps in the art of sewing, navigates the world of special needs and tries to keep her head above water.

Friday, January 8, 2010


My friend Stacy lives in Northern PA and probably sees a lot more snow than we do in Pittsburgh. A day or so ago, she wrote about running in the snow. I was so inspired, or maybe lack of sleep was leading to impaired judgement, that I decided to run outside this morning.

It started snowing yesterday at 4pm and only stopped sometime after midnight. The weatherman said we would get sporadic snow shoers today - well, it has been snowing sicne 7am and hasn't stopped.

I woke Sean up and told him I was going to run outside. I think he thought I was joking. Then when he realized I was serious, he told me to take my phone.

"But I have no pockets."

"Take it and carry it. You'll need it when you fall on your ass and I have to come pick you up."

So much for the vote of confidence. In his defense though, I am clumsy. It has gotten worse over the last few years, and he sees me fall, stumble, drop things and walk in into walls and tables on a daily basis. So I guess he was justified.

So I headed out. Now, we live on a hill, a big hill. And of course, as I didn't want to finsh with coming back up the hill, I decided to start by going up the hill. In 4 plus inches of snow, because some people never clear their sidewalks. And it was snowing, and very windy and cold. And my nose was running.

I did my last sprint and my cool down coming back down the hill. It was much more difficult than running in place in the house. The tundra conditions didn't help much either.

But I did it! W1D3 of C25K completed!

And I'm proud of myself! I think I will try sticking with the outdoor runs.

And I didn't fall - almost twice.


  1. LOL OMG you are committed! Not sure what I'd do if I ddn't have a treadmill. I'd probably be outside falling on my ass! LOL

  2. Oh my oh my oh my... Just because I had the C-R-A-Z-Y idea of running outside one day doesn't mean it was fun....LOL

    Kuddos to you for doing it Gina :)

    P.S. I'm heading off to the treadmill right now!