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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Behavior

Yes, I reward for good behavior. But how does one resist that face? You don't.

Maeve had an 8:00AM appointment at the allergist this morning to rule out allergies as a contributing cause of her 3 months plus of lower and upper respiratory issues. Good news, she is allergy free. Bad news, it is more than likely anatomical and depending on what shows up on her CT scan next week, could require surgery. That would officially put us at #11. Yikes!

But I don't want to turn this into a negative post, so I am going to brag a little on Princess Butterball's behalf.

- Maeve finally figured out socks - how to put them on that is!
- We are working on her shoes, she can put them on and velcro them, but she often puts them on the wrong feet and doesn't pull them tight, so we fall down like a drunken sailor.
- We are "writing" our name - okay, not really, but Maeve is fascinated with her name. She can recognize it and loves to have you write it over and over again. So, now, she takes her doodleboard and will make a row of nice little horizontal lines and say "da, da, da, da, da - yay! For those who don't speak Maeve-ese, that is "M,A,E,V,E - Yay! I did it!" She makes really good lines and circles too.
- And a big one, she can go upstairs, undress, go potty, clean-up, dress and return to terrorizing me, all by herself!

I feel bad a lot of times bragging about what Maeve can accomplish, but I like to think it will give others some hope and inspiration instead of making them feel bad that their child might not be there yet. Trust me, I have my pet goal that we are not at and it tears my heart up everytime I see a related post. So help us celebrate Maeve's good behavior - maybe I'll send you a cookie too!

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