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Wife to Sean, police officer and carpenter. Mom to Maeve, 5 year old fashionista who happens to have an extra chromosome. And 1 year old Michael, future Steeler and ladies man. This is my attempt to share the behind the scenes of a real housewife who idolizes Martha Stewart, follows in the family footsteps in the art of sewing, navigates the world of special needs and tries to keep her head above water.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Little Known Diva in Me

Anyone who knows me from back in my high school days will tell you - I was no Diva. I readily admit to being nerdy and not part of the in-crowd.

So, just to play catch up for those just joining me, Sean and I were married this past September. Only took us 4 plus years and Maeve turning 3, but hey, better late than never!

I planned the wedding in under 5 months and did a lot myself as far as gifts, decorations, invites etc. But my favorite things were some of the little things that made our wedding unique. And our photographers were a big part of that. It rained on our wedding. I mean it poured. But to look at our photos, you would never guess that. But it did afford me some fun and a chance to show off the little known diva in me!


  1. That is an amazing photo

  2. I planned my own wedding, too---right down to making crepe paper flowers for the tables and my own bouquets. I have great memories of the experience.
    Oh---and I love me some Guinness, too!

  3. Ashley - I made my centerpieces too! Over 500 white vellum flowers with beaded centers! My hands ached for days! I have to figure out how to post multiple pictures and then I can show off all of my Big Day Creations!